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Telluride 2006 :: Acknowledgments

Funding Sponsors

The National Science Foundation

US Airforce Office of Scientific Research

 IEEE Circuits and Systems Society



   Iguana Robotics, Inc.

Organizing Sponsors


Georgia Tech

Johns Hopkins University


Institute of NeuroInformatics (INI), Uni-ETH Zurich

 Informatikdienste der ETH Zürich

  Institute of Neuromorphic Engineering (INE)

Salk Institute

  University of Maryland - College Park

University of Sydney


Supporting Sponsors

  WowWee Ltd.- For providing robots

Tanner Research - For providing

the VLSI layout tools, Ledit and LVS for this workshop

Mathworks, Inc., for providing

MATLAB for this workshop

K-Team for providing the Koala robots.


Past Sponsors


The Office of Naval Research

The Center for Neuromorphic

Systems Engineering at Caltech

NeTraverse Inc., for providing Win4Lin.

LEGO for providing the MindStorms

and VisionCommand kits.